Light and Dark Concrete Modern Kitchen Extension in Westbury including Garage Conversion and Refurbishment by Preston & Co.

Kitchen Overview

The project involved the conversion of a garage into a modern kitchen extension, incorporating a light and dark concrete aesthetic. We provided a range of services, including electrical work, plumbing, remodelling, kitchen design and supply, appliances, flooring installation, and lighting. The project was fully managed by us from start to completion, ensuring a seamless and successful transformation.

The client sought a complete refurbishment and conversion of the under-utilised garage into a modern kitchen extension. They desired a light and dark concrete aesthetic that exuded a contemporary and sleek look. Additionally, the client wanted a fully managed project that encompassed everything needed to create a beautiful space.

We held detailed discussions with the client to understand their vision, functional requirements, and design preferences for the kitchen extension.

Based on the client’s input, our design team created a concept that incorporated the desired light and dark concrete aesthetic, optimising natural light, and maximising the available space.

The design team developed comprehensive architectural plans, including detailed layouts, material selections, and specifications for electrical, plumbing, and lighting systems.

The existing garage was transformed into a modern kitchen extension, involving structural modifications, such as removing internal walls and adapting the space to accommodate the new kitchen layout.

Our skilled electricians conducted a thorough evaluation of the electrical systems and installed new wiring, lighting fixtures, outlets, and switches, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Experienced plumbers extended the existing plumbing system to facilitate the installation of the new kitchen appliances, fixtures, and sink.

Skilled craftsmen and builders executed the necessary remodelling tasks, including drywall installation, painting, and finishing, to achieve a seamless and uniform appearance throughout the kitchen extension.

Our in-house design team collaborated with the client to create a bespoke kitchen design, incorporating light and dark concrete elements. They supplied and installed high-quality cabinetry, countertops, and fittings to achieve the desired aesthetic and functionality.

We coordinated the selection, delivery, and installation of modern kitchen appliances, ensuring seamless integration within the newly designed space.

The project involved the installation of oak flooring, carefully chosen to match the aesthetic theme. Skilled flooring specialists executed the installation to provide a sleek and durable finish.

We installed a well-thought-out lighting scheme, incorporating a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting fixtures to enhance functionality and create the desired ambience within the kitchen extension.

The Light and Dark Concrete Modern Kitchen Extension in Westbury, undertaken by Preston & Co, resulted in a successful transformation. The garage was converted into a truly stunning and functional kitchen space.

Kitchen Features

  • Light and Dark textured concrete finish
  • Marble worktops
  • Integrated Appliances
  • Kettle tap by #Quooker
  • Larder pantry pull out