Storage and Accessories

Kitchen Storage and Accessories

A wide choice of kitchen worktop colours and finishes are available with your Preston & Co Kitchen, each worktop is unique and custom-made to your precise specification.

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Corner Storage

All our clever storage solutions bring the contents of the cupboard to you, so your items are easy to organise and access.


All our pull-out storage items make the best use of the space available. They’re easy to access and you can store a lot of items inside them.

Wall Storage

Our handy wall storage solutions allow you to organise your items for easy access.

Kitchen Larders

Larders are the perfect way to store nonperishable foodstuffs, all easy to see and reach.

Drawer Storage

Kitchen drawer storage solutions from Second Nature Collection. Clever drawer storage systems for storing and organising cutlery, pots and pans.


Capacity and recycling are key when choosing the right waste solutions for your kitchen.


The essential ingredient for a classic kitchen is a pantry, In many of the Second Nature ranges pantries can be designed to your individual requirements. Create dedicated and accessible storage with an array of features such as wine racks, spice drawers, rotating carousel systems and granite shelves to keep food cool.